Setup a whole information management system from scratch, providing a productive IM workflow, well automized tasks, as a digital transformation makes work easier and environment more productive.

We provide this services with long-term consulting, starting from the system analysis, implementation, testing, and training.

Consulting period could vary from 4 months to 1 year, according to the business size, and system complexity.

This service is customized for humanitarian NGOs, who are using the term Case Management to represent following the beneficiaries cases or activities and services over time.

Using Commcare software developed by Dimagi, we setup all the required forms, logic, users and permissions, as well as creating comprehensive reports, and provide data visualization using best reporting tools.

In addition, we provide a training for the responsible staff in order to be able to use all system tools efficiently. Moreover, a training on how to design/ use forms in Commcare.

These services are provided with consulting services between 3-6 months according to business size and system complexity.

When the business has already their own system setup and consistent but they need to measure their impact; they need the results to be analyzed, well visualized and reported in a high quality manner.

We will help them to make their data and numbers speak and appear in the best way, with a full reporting system design with the best reporting tools.

Reporting system includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, dashboard, and visualization.

Moreover, we provide training to the responsible staff on how to create additional reports according to the data they have.

This service can be provided with a short term consulting, the period vary from 2-4 months according to the business size, complexity of data, and how much the data is well structured and clean.

When business has an already setup system, but they have some issues in the system or any other information management related problems to be fixed, then they can ask for a customize IM problem solving service.

Information management problem can be a simple one that prevent the customer from completing a specific task smoothly, to a really serious problem that causes the system or work flow to stop working, in all cases we can figure out the problem, provide list of possible solutions, and apply the most suitable one.

Sometime the problem cannot be figured out easily, we can discover it through a system analyses to scan all the workflow and see the point of weakness and solve it.

This service can be provided in consulting session, according to the faced problem.

According to Business activities, we can design all the forms, surveys, documents, publishments and materials that are required to facilitate the tasks and workflow.

This includes creating the content, developing the design, implementing the best components for the multi lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-regional content in different languages.

If you decided to move from hard copy work style or partly automated system to a full-digitized system, then we will help you in every single step through this transformation.

Creating all your required digital tasks and workflows, tools and applications, with the support of our partners in the different stages of the digital transformation.

We have a list of top information management training, provided by experts in the field.

With the ability to provide customized training according to the need of the customer.

In addition, after each provided service, we offer a staff training session to make them able to work on the setup system.

Other Topics we are interested in:

In addition to these specified services, IM SAF is willing to provide consulting and training in any kind of data and information management, including financial data processes, human resources workflows, and other related topics, services in this area is more like a guidance on how to do things, with a specific, clear, and standardized steps and procedures.

IM SAF Service Process

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    1. System Analysis

    We always start by analyzing the system, workflow, requirements and processes to figure out how things are going on or how it should be, we meet with people ask them how they do their tasks, in order to make the whole picture clear, and go on to the next step.

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    2. System Design

    If we are creating a new system, or fixing an existing system, we design the ideal system structure according the prepared analysis we did, we make sure the design is simple, easy to use, efficient and fully functioning.

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    3. Solution Specification

    After analyzing and designing the system, we specify the solution for the in hand problem, or required process, the solution should be permanent, stable, consistent, and deliverable in suitable period of time.

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    4. Solution implementation

    Implementing the solution includes putting it into action, test it and make sure that it keeps the whole system accurate and consistent; we make sure that the implemented solution is working properly with no side effect on the other processes.