Our Vision:
Be number one company in IM market.
Our Vision:
Make companies have greater IM awareness,
seek for well-organized IM environment.

We have a pool of EXPERTS in different topics of Information Management services

The world of information and digitalization is expanding and developing day by day, even moment by moment
Responding to these changes has become a definite necessity for the success of any business
Hence the importance of information management, automation, and the digital transformation rather than paper work
IM SAF is an information management Training and Consulting Company Based in Istanbul to respond and accommodate to the increasing and successive digital developments and requirements in the market.

The company is targeting SMEs in order to match their Information management related needs.
Non-Technical SMEs usually feels lost in the field of information management and its terms, they do not know where to start and where to go; or event they might be not aware of the importance of information management in facilitating their works and tasks.
We will be there to help and support them in both the Information Management related awareness raising, or/ and to setup the appropriate information management workflow that makes their lives easier.

Learn more about our services. It just might inspire you to help us build a better future.

  • In every single stage that involves dealing with data, starting from data collection, data entry, data manipulation, data reporting and data management, all are covered through our consulting and training services.
  • We suggest and implement the ideal solution for the information management requirements.
  • In addition to that, we have special services provided to humanitarian NGOs, with their special environment, workflow, and IM concepts; we fully understand their needs and provide appropriate solutions accordingly.



All our consultants are experts, so they can provide a system analysis in a relatively short time that will both time and money.

Client Satisfaction Matters

It’s our number one priority, to have the client more than happy with the results, in addition, we provide a friendly working environment.


Our services are provided to match the exact needs of the client, which makes our solution accurate with no redundancy.

Customer services

Our services never end when the problem is solved, or goal is achieved, we would like always to keep in touch with the client even after service is provided, to make sure that everything is stable and working as expected.

Both Online and Onsite services

If you are away, we can reach you online wherever you are, and deliver all of our services in a high-quality manner even though the distance, we can also come to your place in case you need a direct intervene in place.