Mission Statement

To build a better IM (Information Management) understanding, IM strategy, IM solution, better IM product in new businesses, then we make the customer improve better

Company philosophy/Values

  • Reputation comes at first place, build a GOOD one, and make it even BETTER.
  • Customer relationship, customer satisfaction: If customer chose us once, they will always do.
  • A perfect work environment: a dream company for talents, exciting, comfortable, leads to build more and more experience.
  • Quality: Once the system is set ON, it will go on.
  • Time is gold, so we make it fast; our services are fast, and intensive.
  • Experience is gold, so we keep experts around; we have a pool of experts.Gold is precious, so we create our own; we make our own time saving solutions, we build the experience of our staff.
  • The world is improving; we keep our knowledge up to TOMORROW; our solutions are suitable for the long term.
  • TRUST, TRUST, and TRUST: when all parties trust us, we can unite to grow up.


Be number one company in IM market, making companies have greater IM awareness, seek for well-organized IM environment